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We take pride in being independent and therefore unbiased as to the investment and/ or insurance companies we work with.

When a product solution is appropriate we provide assistance in the following areas:

Our Dynamic Process

  1. Engage: define the client-advisor relationship
  2. Collect: gather information, including, goals, feelings and expectations
  3. Analyze: process and analyze to determine financial needs
  4. Design: develop and present written recommendations
  5. Implement: Implement the financial planning strategies
  6. Review: analyze ongoing issues, make adjustments and keep your financial plan updated and current

Investment Planning


  • Asset allocation provides the foundation to managing portfolio risk and volatility
  • Tax efficiency and asset location are critical
  • Portfolio expenses must be scrutinized
  • Diversification goes beyond asset allocation
  • Always have a smart place to access money


  1. Advice and planning
  2. Portfolio modeling, analysis and design
  3. Investment policy statement (IPS) development planning
  4. Implementation, manager/ investment search and selection
  5. Ongoing monitoring, due diligence and reporting*

*Available through our investment advisory programs

Retirement Planning

Retire with Confidence:

  • Needs assessment
  • Retirement income modeling
  • Benefits analysis 
  • Health care considerations
  • Distribution options
  • Ongoing adjustments due to changes in tax code, inflation, interest rates and/ or world bond and equity markets

Estate and Asset Protection Strategies

We strive to provide for financial security in life and to maximize the estate for heirs following death. Together we will consider:

  • Will and trust design strategies
  • Property ownership alternatives, including the review of titling to coordinate with your overall plan
  • Estate tax reduction techniques
  • Life insurance analysis
  • Providing for long term health care
  • Qualified plan distribution alternatives
  • Family-gifting strategies
  • Charitable planning
  • Employee stock option analysis
  • Exit planning strategies
  • Wealth preservation planning

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