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Planning for Executives, Business Owners and Retirees

Unlike many other financial representatives and agents, as Financial Planners we believe in building a long-term, sustainable relationship. We focus on offering you autonomy, being agile with the products/ services we provide, and seeing you through the journey.

Working professionals who engage our practice are often active and successful people, advancing in their careers while trying to create a nest egg and build wealth. We serve as your primary financial partner during these busy years, from understanding your cash flow to overseeing your retirement plan(s), insurance and investments, planning for your children's education and incorporating proactive tax reduction and estate preservation strategies.

Our retiree clients often seek guidance on navigating gifting mythologies, need help protecting their assets, and want to leave a legacy. In most cases, clients often find themselves with various accounts and policies spread out all over the place, at various banks, mutual fund companies, in company retirement plans and elsewhere. We work to organize and coordinate these assets towards specific objectives.

Planning for Executives

  • Cash Flow and Liquidity Needs Planning
  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Group Benefits Analysis
  • Detailed Portfolio Review and Investment Management Programs
  • Hedging Strategies for Single Stock Concentration
  • Employee Stock Option and Restricted Stock Planning
  • Tax Effecient Accumulation Strategies
  • Retirement Planning

Planning for Business Owners

  • Maximize Equity
  • Protect Assets
  • Build for Retirement
  • Preserve Wealth
  • Business Valuations*
  • Detailed Cash Flow Planning
  • Strategies to Maximize After-Tax Investment Returns
  • Tax Efficient Accumulation Strategies
  • Strategies to Minimize Financial Risk and Uncertainty
  • Transfer and Exit Strategies
  • *Offered through 3rd party non-affiliated resources

Planning for Retirees

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Advice on Property Titling/ Ownership
  • Beneficiary Reviews
  • Long-Term Healthcare Considerations
  • Philanthropic and Other Gifting Strategies
  • Investment Management Programs
  • Estate and Beneficiary Planning

These are only a sampling of the services we provide at Cleveland Financial Group. Our financial planning approach is comprehensive and all encompassing. Clients often tell us: "This is the financial planning we always wanted. We just didn't know where to turn."

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